Spectacular Debate Competition 2012

SMAN 1 Banjarbaru and SHID of DC proudly presents South Borneo english debate competition for senior high school and vocational high school students.

Motion Release

The full list of the 24 motions that will be used for the Spectacular Debate Competition 2012.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

About WODC

Any member of SHID of DC interested in joining the WODC? It's the World Online Debating Competition. Without further boring speech, let me give the detailed informations here.

For you all members of SHID of DC who are interested in joining this. Please contact me (Fauziah Permatasari)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


We haven't been able to update this blog for almost a month. What have our debaters been up to? Gladly, we come up with a good news that is we're going to join the EComp 2012. We will participate in the Debate and also E-MUN. Here are the participants:

SMAN 1 Banjarbaru A

1st Speaker: Anwari Delmi
2nd Speaker: Hana Humaira
3rd Speaker: Wikha Fitria

SMAN 1 Banjarbaru B

1st Speaker: Aisha Wai Yasmina
2nd Speaker: Maria Elisabeth Ferdinandus
3rd Speaker: Fauziah Permatasari


Andrew Reinhard
Ratih Mei Safitri

See you soon!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

TM Result

Please download the TM result of SPectacular Debate Competition here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Payment Method

Bagi yang berhalangan hadir pada TM yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 19 Februari 2012 pukul 10 am, dapat mentransfer pembayaran biaya pendaftaran sebesar Rp 100.000,- per tim ke:

Nunung Nurazizah
No.rek: 0195345408
BNI cab. Banjarbaru

pembayaran melalui transfer paling lambat dilaksanakan pada tanggal 17 Februari 2012.
Harap bukti pembayaran dikirim ke shidofdcofficial@gmail.com dan dibawa pada saat registrasi tgl 23 Februari 2012.